Monday, July 15, 2013

Not forgotten.

Yep, it's been a long damn time since I last wrote in this blog. Of course, this is because I've been busy writing for a new website (and loving it) as you all know. Along with that I've also been working on crazy book ideas, running around like a decapitated chicken, and enjoying my extended vacation while I work to get established at a new university. Naturally, I've neglected this blog, which I feel bad for because I feel it is the source of my success so far. So I've tried to make an effort to start writing here again, posting my more personal opinions of films and games, while also continuing to do reviews for movies you can find on Netflix. However, I'm also mulling around with the idea of putting up some of my own fictional works here to fill in the huge gap I've left here due to my preoccupied mind.

I'll be posting my own review of Pacific Rim here in the next couple of days to start getting this blog back into working form. And will also restart some of my abandoned reviews I promised you all so long ago. I hope you all are enjoying your summer so far!

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